Why Russian Women Search for the Life Companion Abroad?

I frequently encounter the answer to this question on sites
of conjugal agencies. And always the reason for which the
Russian women are interested in searches of foreign
husbands, are completely various. In my opinion there can
not be, an unequivocal answer, because the reasons which
have induced the Russian women in increasing frequency to
address to the international conjugal agencies and services
of the Internet, very deeply and its roots begin in the
early 20th century. I shall try to explain the myriad of

But, let’s look, at what the modern Russian women
represents, which begins their search of a life companion
abroad. Most have a higher education and they are typically
between 25 to 35 years of age. Many of them have never been
married, or by 30-35 are already divorced and have 1 child.
They are very beautiful, have a good job, own their
apartment or a car, that in Russia, where there is no
concept of CREDIT, it is considered a very large
achievement. Some of my girlfriends work in the field of
advertising, marketing, healthcare (doctors) and Finance
(accountants). Others are teachers and hair dressers. My
girlfriends are sociable, with a good sense of humor, are
kind and are always ready to reach to the aid of other
people. Besides, all of them are magnificent homemakers, in
which they can and love to prepare meals and can sew or
knit. They put on make-up with taste, and they look very
lovely and manicured. I am sure, opinion has it that only
ugly and poor Russian women search for a partner abroad. On
the contrary, frequently it is just the opposite. You might
ask; why such clever, well educated and beautiful women can
not find a companion for life in Russia? What is the
problem? The problem in my opinion, are the Russian men and
the demographic situation, which has developed in Russia. I
shall try to explain.

1. The men in Russia catastrophically do not suffice. To
understand why many wonderful russianwomenlikeyou.com do not want to
create family with them, it is necessary to recall history.
As far as I can judge, studying the historical literature,
in the beginning of the 20th century, before the October
Revolution, it was successful for young girls and women to
live in marriage and raise children in a proper home
environment. What changed after the revolution? There began
of a turn of reprisals, when the whole estates of men
(officers, aristocrats, scientific, doctors and businessmen)
were confiscated and the men were either executed, or
banished and jailed in Siberia. To authority, came the
people from the lowest layers of society, the workers and
peasants. The religion was announced “atheism for the
people”. Many churches were destroyed, and with them moral
values. A beginning of drunkenness and anarchy emerged.

The Civil war, which lasted 2 years, many Russian men were
lost. After this war, began 30 years of hunger, when whole
families died from famine. In these 30 years many families
remained without support as many men had been lost. The
women raised the children alone. Then in 1941 the WWII began
which killed more than 20 millions men and women. The
majority of loses were, certainly, men (soldiers and
officers). There was not a family in Russia, in which a
father, son or brother would not be lost. A whole generation
of children grew up without fathers and therefore without
proper male guidance. The men in the country began to lack
moral character. A demographic imbalance took place after
WWII. Not only numerically did women begin to prevail in the
country, but also at a genetic level they became stronger
and hardier both morally, and physically. War strengthened
them! The people at that time did not suspect that the
echoes of that war would have such long term effect in
Russia. Now, in the 21st century, the women still recollect
that war, and the loss of many, many men. Immediately
proceeding the Stalin reprisals, not one thousand human
lives were lost due to wars. Nor shall I stop on the
consequences of wars in Vietnam and Afghanistan. I want only
to add, that all this time, from the beginning of the 20th
century and until now, large numbers of men have perished.

2. Change of roles in family After disorder of the Soviet
Union, when all the country was plunged into poverty and
chaos, and the economy is destroyed, the Russian men who
have been brought up by the women, these mommies boys,
simply were frightened of changes in the political and
economic situation. They were frightened that their image of
life has changed, that the state will not provide them
either apartment, or car, as it was in with communism, and
it was necessary to go and earn money by working with the
mind and wit. Many men simply have run into depression,
preferring to leave reality, and drinking vodka and wine.
Since many men do not have much money, they have turned to
making MOONSHINE, at home. So men always had some quantity
of liquor in the house. Of course they preferred to complain
about the government, the bad economy, on the country and
their unfortunate destiny, to drink vodka and wait until all
will be adjusted so somebody will take care of them and
their families. As a result the women must think how to feed
and clothe the family. They have found many ways to earn
money in the new capitalist world. The women have engaged in
sale and purchase of products of food and clothing. Almost
everything, so-called “shuttles”, were the woman. The
doctors, musicians and teachers have found additional ways
of making money. The women “turned”, as they could to ensure
normal life to the children and husbands. To that to their
surprise, this strong generation of the women that has
appeared has resulted in a change of roles in the family.
The women have become the major wage earner of the family.

3. The majority of Russian men are weak and dependent The
man in many families plays a minor role, as he can not even
take care of himself, can not earn enough money to provide
for the family. So the mums of the boys are strong and care
for them so much that by the time they are 18-20 years old
are unable to prepare a meal for themselves, wash clothes or
clean the room. In life these young men are not at all
adapted to independent life. This has been handed down from
wife to wife, for several generations. Certainly, each
mother hopes, that the wife will care for her child better
than she did. Thus, the average age of men entering their
first marriage is 20-24. The brides are, as a rule, 18-20.

4. Economic problems of the family I shall not describe in
detail, with what difficulties the young family faces, in
which the husband constantly requires (demands) “parental”
attention and care from the young wife, while one or both
spouses study in a University. These young couples,
basically live, at the expense of their parents, as it is
impossible to live on the grant in Russia. Thus, a vast
number of families break up even before graduation and have
usually had at least one child by the time they divorce. The
men after the divorce quickly find themselves another wife,
as the choice of young beautiful women in Russia is simply
huge! On the other side of the coin, the woman, especially
if she has 1-2 children; finding a worthy partner is a very
large problem. The Russian men, many of which can not even
take care of themselves, do not wish to take the
responsibility for another man’s child. Therefore, for the
woman with children, even if she is young and beautiful and
has a good education and job, the chances of successfully
living in a marriage are sharply reduced. Besides the women
understand, that even in case of a marriage with a good and
moral Russian man, most all of them are the same. The men
consider it beneath them to help their wives with the
housework and raising the children. If they have brought any
money in to the house, they consider their duties to the
family complete and spend each evening, lying on a sofa, not
giving any attention to the wife and children. So, having
considered all these factors, marriage with the Russian man,
and not many worthy candidates for husbands among them, is
not very promising. Intellectually the woman makes a
decision to remain her whole life without a family, or to
find the companion of her life in another country.

5. Access to the Internet and opening of the Russian borders
to foreigners Due to the political changes in Russia,
Russian women have the opportunity to leave the limits of
Russia. Also, it has become very simple for the foreign man
to come to the country on a tourist visa. The access to the
Internet, in turn, has helped the women to receive much more
information on life abroad and through sites of conjugal
agencies to get acquainted with European and American men.
For the first time women could compare Russian and foreign
men, their moral and family values. So, many women have made
a conclusion that most foreign men are not so strongly
dependent upon women; they are more independent and can
appreciate female beauty and attention. For modern western
men, women are not simple slaves or maids, but a friend,
partner and companion. Independence and family values of
western men, their attitude toward their wives, and the
economic stability of western countries, attracts the
Russian women. In the conclusion, the Russian women are
unique essences. They put family above all else. They are
always ready to give up the most brilliant career to be with
the husband and children. If you will give her a little
attention, love and care; if you will show her that you
appreciate her as the wife and mother at home; will admire
her beauty and mind, she will be there for you until the end
of time. This grateful woman will make you 100 times
happier, if you treat her with diligence and love. I wish
for you to meet YOUR perfect Russian girl that eventually
becomes your cherished wife and partner, in which your life
will be filled with love and happiness!


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