What Wedding Songs Say About You

Every newly-wed couple wants their guests to have a blast at their wedding reception, and there are so many wedding songs out there in music land to accomplish that goal. Let’s get started, shall we?

1. Dancing Queen, by ABBA – You cannot have a wedding without playing this classic disco song. ABBA was really popular in the 1970s and this song speaks to the masses. “Dancing Queen” says that the bride absolutely loves the film or play “Mama Mia!” and wants to live-out their “Mama Mia!” fantasy one last time during their happy ending, dream come true wedding.

2. Let’s Stay Together, by Al Green – This popular love song was later sung by none other than the ever-popular Tina Turner. Listen to the words carefully, and it spells out what every couple hopes to attain throughout the duration of their relationship. This song says that the couple is madly in love, and they vow to uphold the meaning of their vows until the end of time.

3. Head Over Feet by Alanis Morissette – Alanis had quite a hit with this song back in the 90s, but this masterpiece is absolutely timeless. A bride’s words can best be described through Alanis’ lyrics to her new husband. Basically, this song says that the woman got knocked-out by love and wants to tell the world!

4.tik tok apk by Ke$ha – Ke$ha may have a random dollar sign in her name and she may be completely off her rocker, but this song is a party starter and crowd pleaser! This particular song tells your guests that you are not serious all the time and that you have a childish streak that loves to escape every now and then.

5. Oh l’Amour by Erasure – Anything from the 80s says “good time” but anything by the group Erasure says “instant party.” Erasure songs are classics, but the beat of this baby means that the groom misses the days when he had a hot rod and Michael Jackson’s glove stowed-away in his closet. And that’s not a bad thing… really!

6. Save The Last Dance For Me by The Drifters – A wedding HAS to have several songs included for slow dances and this is the perfect pick. This song says that the couple is comprised of old souls and are perfect soul mates.

7. Forever by Chris Brown – Ah, the song that started the whole “dancing down the aisle” craze! How can you not play this at your wedding?! Despite being a “trend-setting” song, it’s actually quite sweet overall. This song says that the couple may really like double mint gum?! Kidding! The couple obviously really cares for each other and likes bubbly songs…


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