Venus and Mars – In Astrological Houses

These planets when placed in the Birth Chart – introduce an important factors that relate to one’s personal love life and relationships or when assessing fortunate or problem areas in life.

Venus in a male chart will indicate relationships with female or gentle influences as Mars
helps in determining relationship with males in a female chart. These planets represent opposite poles of energy related to electro-magnetic powers. Venus energy is centripetal or inward pulling as Mars in the 2nd house radiates centrifugal force.

Other planetary and zodiacal influences must be taken into consideration. It must be allowed that the following are indications and must be considered as such, and much as a single culinary ingredient does not give a hint as to the final flavour of a dish.

Venus in the Houses

1 This when well aspected demonstrates a loving and attractive nature
2 Material possessions give pleasure and are important -with the aesthetic sense strong
3 Pleasure in studies in art, design, interior and the decorative arts and crafts
4 This is a fortunate sign regarding good domestic life and early upbringing
5 Often inclined to be in love with love – romantic and strongly focussed on affections
6 Unless badly aspected it is favourable for good health and compassion for others
7 This is an ideal place for marriage and harmonious partnerships
8 Material good fortune and bequests are often involved as a benefit –
9 Travel and a love of change are usual inclinations – whether as career or personal
10 Inherent philosophic attitudes towards peace and harmony – high expectations of others
11 Love of social life is usually the case – or activities in ethical groups and projects
12 The placement here indicates unrequited love or secret associations and affairs

Mars in the Houses

1 A vital, passionate person to whom excitement and advancement is important
2 Friction regarding finances or problems through domination of others’ fortunes
3 Hyperactivity should be avoided and attention to the art of good communication
4 Care to avoid rash or sudden occurrences and insure against accidents in the home
5 Strong emotional impulses and attractions to the opposite sex need control
6 Build health and conserve energy as a discipline to avoid contracting any illness
7 Ensure financial security through conserving funds – to be independent
8 Indication of violent accidents or is a factor in charts of medical surgeons
9 Avoiding schooling or a special fervour in studies depending upon other factors
10 This gives abundant energy available for business and serious commitments
11 Relationships difficult and sometimes perplexing antagonistic reactions of others
12 Retirement or escape from difficult circumstances is sometimes a factor

Elizabeth S. Adams is known for her published “Forgotten Dreams – a collection of Poetry” with additional interests that extend to Astrology,Astronomy and mystical subjects that help us understand who we are and our place in the Universe. Astrology when applied to self understanding of our personality and deeper soul potentials is a great practical starting point. We also need assistance to unveil the special inner talents of our soul so we feel confident to offer our contribution to the world. Astrology is such an aid.


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