Thinking Thin – Do You Need Supplements to Lose Weight?

The short answer is no! They’re not necessary. All you really need is healthy foods…the right healthy foods, and some exercise. Weight loss is really about eating the right foods in the right quantity. But even quantity takes a back seat to the ‘right foods’. And it’s about lifestyle…that is learning to eat differently for life. Not as difficult as you might think. CTFO

However, if you’ve read the other nine articles in this ‘thinking thin’ series, you know that weight loss can be easier, as well as lasting, with a few extra steps. As stated in earlier articles, your mental attitude. and personal body image is key in ensuring you reach your goal, but more important that you maintain it. Approximately ninety percent of people gain back the weight they lost, within a year.

Supplements Can Speed Up Weight Loss

Dietary supplements not only enhance your weight loss, but they can speed it up and in the case of meal replacements, can make it more convenient…a good thing when you are working and busy. Vitamins and supplements can also aid with the detox process. You will remember from earlier articles that excess fat is stored toxins, both physical and emotional. So here’s the scoop on what supplements are beneficial for healthy, easy, lasting weight loss.

Oils- For sure add some good healthy oils to your diet, so that you’ll get your needed Omega 3’s and 6’s. These can be flaxseed oil, hemp oil, fish oil. Flax seeds help the body burn fat more efficiently. Buy them whole and grind yourself, or buy them ground but store them in the freezer. Don’t consume them whole as they pass through the body undigested. Flaxseed also contains soluble fiber which will give you a sense of fullness…great when you’re on a weight loss program. Oils help your skin maintain its’ elasticity and suppleness.

Chromium – It helps to balance your blood sugar…important for weight loss and in avoiding type 2 diabetes, which is epidemic now among over weight people and due largely to diet.

B Vitamins – A combination of B vitamins can also be beneficial as they will assist your bodys’ metabolism and help with the conversion of food, especially carbohydrates, into energy. If you take a good meal replacement they usually contain all the ‘B’ vitamins. Be aware that vitamins are meant to be taken with food…not separately.

Milk Thistle – A really good herb that works on the liver. Your liver is the organ that deals with the toxins in your body and filters them out. It can easily become overworked with the kinds of high fat, highly processed foods we have in the North American diet. Do your liver a favor and take some milk thistle (preferably for for 2-3 months

Apple Cider Vinegar – Also not a supplement apple cider vinegar is very, very beneficial in helping the body eliminate toxins, free radicals, fat and if that were not enough, it will boost your metabolism. It may also reduce your calorie intake at meals. Take it before a meal 1-2 teaspoons in a glass of water. Make sure you get organic apple cider vinegar..

Lemon – Although lemons are not supplements they are very helpful to the body, aiding in the digestive process and giving the liver and gallbladder a boost in eliminating those toxins. They also assist the body in flushing fat out of your system faster. When mixed with hot water, lemons are mildly diuretic, meaning they can help the body flush out toxins and retained water.

Meal Replacements – These can be very helpful if you get a good one, because they contain a combination of vitamins, minerals, fiber and protein. If you make a smoothie with them, you can also add things like flax seed oil. Meal replacements can be taken at at breakfast and lunch. I found them particularly convenient when I was working…I had only to think about dinner and a couple of snacks.

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