The 3 Essential Keys to a Winning Gambling System

I recently ran a survey in my Best Betfair Betting Systems Blog to ask my readers what are the 3 most important things in any gambling system. I was fascinated by the results and these have in turn helped me to find and review the types of systems my readers want.

For some 9 years now I have used various Betfair and racing systems. My main interest is in laying horses but I also bet and trade on other sports including soccer betting. In reverse order the most important things people reported they look for in a winning system are –

At Number 3 – Low Liability. This refers mainly to laying systems of course but some systems will involve increasing liability if they use a staking plan. I am not against staking plans for Betffair systems but they do need to be used with caution. A laying system should always have a maximum liability as inevitably one day the 50-1 outsider you lay will romp home first!

At Number 2 – A god number of bets per day. This one surprised me and is a real balance. Which would you rather have – A system giving you 3 selections a week, but all of them make you a profit or one giving 3 selections a day but where most days lose? The professional gambler would I’m sure go for the high strike rate, low volume. Patience is always an issue and I know people find a system frustrating if the number of bets to make is low.

At Number 1 – Consistency and proven track record. Spot on in my view! Anyone can develop a system which will make a profit over a few days or even weeks. But a profitable Betfair betting system should deliver profits over months and years to be of any value. For example, picking high performing teams we can all win at soccer betting over a few matches. The ultimate betting system will deliver profits on a consistent basis. The best systems on the market will happily publish results going back several years and these are the ones to invest in.


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