Shipping a Vehicle Overseas? Learn About Ro Ro Shipping, Roll on Roll Off and Moving A Car Worldwide

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If you are interested in shipping a car or some other vehicle overseas, there is some helpful information you should know about in advance. First of all, when it comes to international vehicle shipping you have options. Your car or other vehicle can be shipped in a shipping container or it can be rolled on and off of the cargo ship. This type of international shipping is typically referred to as “roll on roll off” or RO/RO transport.

If you are looking for the cheapest way to ship a car or other type of vehicle overseas, chances are you will want Ro Ro shipping. This tends to be a less expensive option for vehicle shipping than container shipping. The benefits of container shipping are, though, that you can also put some personal items, household goods, or other cargo with your vehicle in the shipping container so in the end you have the opportunity to ship more than just a car.

When you ship a vehicle, Car insurance netherlands or any other type of item internationally it is helpful to know country-specific rules and regulations. When you ship a car internationally, it will likely pass through some type of customs process. A good cargo shipping company will have brokers and agents ready to help handle all of the details involved in international vehicle shipping. Certain countries like the Netherlands and Germany require that your vehicle undergoes a thorough technical inspection upon arrival. Similarly, when you ship a vehicle to Kenya it must be inspected by the Kenyan Bureau of Standards upon arrival.

It is also important to note that you may be responsible for import duties and various taxes depending upon your final shipping destination. Customs rules and regulations about importing vehicles, cars, machinery and other items vary country by country so it is important to be informed about customs rules before you ship to a particular location. Some countries allow you to ship a vehicle duty free but typically there are restrictions on what you do with the vehicle once you arrive in the country – generally you must keep ownership of the vehicle and not sell the vehicle for a set period of time.

It is advisable, however, to get shipping insurance coverage before you ship your car overseas. Cargo shipping companies typically have insurance policies available to cover the value of your vehicle in the unlikely event that you incur some type of damage in the shipping process.

Typically there is a considerable amount of paperwork needed for . Documents generally include a copy of your original vehicle title and a bill of sale. Sometimes you may be required to provide a letter from the lien holder (if applicable) or the original license plates from the country of origin. Rules and paperwork about international vehicle shipping do vary depending on destination.

Sometimes countries have limits to the number of vehicles that you are allowed to ship overseas. For example, if you are shipping a vehicle to Sweden duty-free, you are only allowed to import one car per person to Sweden.

Other countries restrict the make and type of vehicles that are allowed to enter the country. Some countries have restrictions on the age of vehicles allowed to be imported. For example, if you are shipping a car to the Philippines or Peru, it cannot be older than 5 years, while vehicles shipped to Jamaica must be 4 years or less. In addition, your vehicle might be required to pass a vehicle pass special emissions testing and other inspections. For example, if you are shipping a car to the Netherlands your vehicle will need to undergo a technical inspection before you get Dutch license plates.

Remember too that depending on where you are shipping a vehicle, if you are car shipping for the United States keep in mind that certain countries have left handed traffic meaning that cars drive on the left. You are still allowed to import American cars to the United Kingdom despite this difference but each country has their own rules about these types of issues.

With the right help and guidance international car shipping does not have to be complicated or overwhelming. If you want to learn more about international car shipping, RO RO shipping or container shipping for vehicles, contact a dependable international shipping company for a free shipping quote and other country-specific information about car shipping.

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