Sewage Cleanup in My Bathroom

Toilet over flows can be a messy problem. So now you are faced with this stinky and unhealthy task of cleaning up your bathroom from a sewage spill that’s all over everything. Here are a few things that the water damage team recommends that you can do take pictures of all the damages to your bathroom. Proper documentation could help later if you decide to try to put in a claim with your home owners policy. More than likely this will be cleaned up before the adjuster arrives to your home to access damages. Close off doors to bathroom so the odors will not travel as fast through the home.

Also it would be a good idea to maybe seal the bottom of the bathroom door with a towel. This will also help contain the sewage damage in your bathroom as well. Don’t flush any more toilets in the home because if there is a blockage in the line it still may back up into the bathroom making matters worse. Also don’t run water or dump anything down any sink or tub because if the line is backed up this too will cause more of a backup too. Now you need help to actually cleanup this mess. Call. You can then call the water damage team, they can have a team on site very fast to assist you.

What you can expect is full assessment of the problem and the best way to clean it up. They will have to put on some protective equipment before they start such as eye protection,gloves,boots,and disposable suits. Once the estoration pros is extracted or shoveled and bagged,They will have to check to see what things will have to be removed. Some items such as vinyl flooring might have to be removed and drywall will have to be cut if it got wet. Personal contents and maybe the vanity will have to be removed if it got damaged.

There will be lots of sanitizing and disinfecting as well. So as you can see it might be best to call a professional sewage cleanup company to take care of these damages. Simply just cleaning it up by yourself might not be a good idea. It just makes good sense to have it cleaned properly so no other problem won’t arise.

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