Mental Fitness – Reduce Fear of Cancer

Although statistics are somewhat overwhelming regarding the numbers of people who contract and often die of cancer, our fears can be somewhat modified when we learn of other factors in the numbers game. These help us to gain a different perspective regarding the dangers that are out there influencing how long and how healthily we are likely to live in the ‘developed’ world.

For instance, Iatrogenic diseases (those created by modern medical treatment) is the third most fatal disease in the U.S with conservatively 100,000 patients every year die or are injured by prescribed drugs, surgical procedures gone wrong, hospital neglect, wrong diagnoses and the prevalence of medical ‘mistakes’. All these errors are generally considered to be due to some extent by the limitations of hospitals in coping with the vast numbers of outpatients and patients in waiting.

This problem is confirmed by the World quotes about mental health and respected medical specialists and journals. The matter is causing great concern, not least of all in the minds of prospective hospital patients, adding weight to the argument that it would be best to undertake all possible personal effort to avoid the need for medical care.

The reality is that in the U.S. the majority of people still die from heart disease, with cancer following in second place. Most western countries will have similar data showing that cancer is still a major cause of death.

In Australia the Bureau of Statistics quotes highest figures for heart disease and strokes. Next is cancer with lung cancer as highest amongst cancer deaths. Disturbingly these are followed by dementia. Deaths due to Iatrogenic causes are assessed at 14,000 in public hospitals. No figure given regarding private practice.

However, both heart disease and cancer can be avoided by long term preventative means that relate directly to nutrition, oxygen intake, chemical pollution, stress and choice of lifestyle. This illustrates that if we wish to remain healthy we must face our responsibility by acknowledging cause and effect as a law of nature. If we build natural health and observe the health rules that nature has made, we will live for many of our years in good health in spite of the unavoidable elements such as atmospheric pollution and so on. If we live a life choosing to enjoy all the factors that will actually contribute to or even cause these major diseases whilst neglecting or ignoring any personal effort to create good health, we will suffer the consequences.

When we face any situation we are less likely to fear it. This applies to any situation including our mental health. Face the facts that tell us of the likelihood that we may personally swell the growing statistics related to cancer, unless we determine to do something about it. We must choose to do everything in our power to live in such a way that results in positive health and wellbeing. This will allow no room to entertain a thought of dying from any serious disease.

Everything points to our need to know about cancer and to use information to motivate us towards a positive, healthy lifestyle.

Aromatherapy or the science of Osmics is proving immensely popular when applied in self help or in professional healing. It is a delightful way to employ natural perfumes to assist mood and mind states and is particularly helpful as an adjunct to relaxation techniques and stress relief.

As important as the absorption of natural essential oils through massaging into the skin is the vital intake of energy through olfaction and direct absorption to the brain with inhalation. Whereas the popular concept of aromatherapy is associated with massage and relaxation, inhalation of perfumes offers exciting extended possibilities of affecting and benefiting the whole psyche – our mind, moods and nervous system. The subtlest affect is upon our spiritual faculty of inspiration which is so closely related to the respiratory action of inspiring.


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