Image Hosting – How to Find a Free Host

At present, it is easy to share your images to everyone. With the use of a digital camera, you can take photos anytime you want. Then, you can put the photos you’ve taken on your computer. Then you can let others view your pictures through the internet. How can you share your pictures over the internet? Let’s find out.

With the use of image hosting services, you can upload your photos on a website. That way, anyone can view your image. All you have to do is to give the link to the persons who you want to see the pictures. While this may sound simple, you might be wondering how photo hosting work.

The image hosting website has a form in the interface that allows you to choose the location of the photo in your computer file system. This is done by pressing the “browse” button. Once you’ve chosen the photo, click the “submit” button. The file will then be uploaded to the host’s server. Other image hosting websites allow you to upload multiple files at once. Some also allows you to upload a ZIP file that contains all the photos. Once the upload is complete, your photos will then hosted on the server, which means that the photos are available for public viewing.

The photos you can store on a Free image host website are limited. The hosts limit the image size that you can upload. The maximum space for photos allowed per user is also limited due to the bandwidth cost.

A paid photo hosting service offers various bundles. These bundles differ in the image size you can upload and the maximum space for your account. All you need to do is to select one that you need.

But why should you pay for uploading photos when you can simply get your photos hosted for free? There are various free image hosting services available. How does it differ from a paid photo hosting service? Let’s see the main difference.

The main difference between the two types of hosting service is that the paid photo service gives you a bigger space for uploading photos. This means that you can upload more photos in a paid image hosting service than a free photo hosting service. Image sizes are more limited in a free photo hosting service than in the paid one.

But if you’re not aiming to upload thousands of photos and if you can match the image size the free image hosting service requires, then the free image service is the right one for you. Now all you have to do is to find a free photo hosting service that can give you what you need. How do you do that? Simply follow these steps:

  1. Find a website that offers free image hosting. You can try Insel Pix, Photo Bucket and Free Share.
  2. Know the file size limit. Usually, a free photo hosting website allows up to 5mb of file size per image.
  3. The free image hosting service should allow you to edit your photos. You should be able to edit the photos using a editing tool and they should also give you the option to delete photos.
  4. Know which file types that the website can host. Typical file types that websites can host include bmp gif, and jpeg.
  5. Register to your chosen photo hosting website. Some websites give you more space or bandwidth when you register, so make sure you do so.


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