If Only – A Long Distance Love Affair

Finally her contract was finished. She was now ready to go home to America. But this young man have helped her on her needs during her stay in Abu Dhabi. She planned her trip to visit him in Dubai and stayed with him for two weeks first before she would fly to America. She wanted to see him and feel him in flesh.

They both wanted this to happen and so they did meet in flesh for real. You cannot imagined how would their meeting would be like, but according to Vanessa, it was truly magic.

When she arrived in the Airport, she called Mark. It was already 10pm. “Hey baby, I just landed but I will go and checked in my hotel, I will be calling you from there, Ok?” Mark said, “Honey, why not just come straight to my apartment, you are welcome to stay”. As liberated woman as she was, Vanessa thought a while, “Why not”, I could do that, I would just meet him and if nothing is there for me to stay I could just leave right away”. So she answered, “Ok, baby I will see you later then”.

The taxi stopped and the driver said, “This is the place Miss”, before she went down, she called Mark and asked him which floor he was staying. Mark said, “Honey, I can see your taxi up here from my window, I am at the 10th floor”. She came out from the taxi, closed the door and she looked up. She saw him, waved at her. He told herself, “This is it, it is really happening now”.

Her heart was pounding so fast, they knew each other for 8 months now but in reality they were still both strangers. She went inside the elevator and pressed the 10th floor. She was telling herself, “Keep calm, everything will be find, Mark is a nice man”.

She was about to give him a call to ask his door number, when a door behind her back opened and she heard his voice called her name, “Vanessa?”

She looked back and there he was standing, his right hand on the door knob, having the door halfway opened, like he was so careful not to wake-up his neighbors next door. She controlled her breath and said, “Mark?”

They were like amazed with each other. They could not believe their own eyes. They are now together in flesh after 8 months from their love affair on air.


I have this wonderful feeling, since the time I met you.

And ever since then that feeling grows

It blooms and it glows…

And I would not want that this feeling goes

without you knowing how wonderful would this love be

for me and you…

At this moment in time surely

you already have known a bit of the best of me,

and If Only you would just let yourself free

Come, reach out my hand, and

I would really want you to feel deeply

and have the rest of all of me…..

They celebrated their union that night with full of ペアーズ マッチング and passion. They were sleepless that night. She knew she came many times, she couldn’t remember it, like she was in drug with ecstasy. They clicked together. He gave himself to her unselfishly. He adored her truly and respected her. She felt true love from this young man. He gave her massage, made her coffee in the morning, prepared food for her…Their union was one of a kind and it will always remained the nicest memories in his and her mind.

Their LDL was erotic but when they met each other in flesh it became so real to them that it became so romantic. But they have to live with reason. He was young, he needed more time for himself to grow and enjoy his life and youth, while Vanessa was already a complete woman.

There was love between them. Their LDL kind of relationship worked with them. Even after that two weeks when they parted, and Vanessa was back to America, they still continued.

After six months, Mark met a woman younger his age. They both decided to end their LDL affair and wished each other to have the best things in life and in love.

Until now, Vanessa said they still exchange mails but only occasionally, like on birthdays or Christmas.They just kept a casual friendship between them and nothing more.

Vanessa’s LDL thing was so exciting and heart throbbing too. I can say it was beautiful. She doesn’t regret all her life that it happened to her. To her it helped her a lot, and it gained her more knowledge in coping with her life up to these very moment that she allowed me to have her story written here. Of course all the names of my characters here are not really theirs, to give respect with their private life.

The purpose of this article is for us to learn from them and to appreciate the beauty and art of having LDL affairs. So that all of us will have an understanding why this kind of relationship are now very common in our computer world.


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