Four Steps to Finding the Best Doctors


Illness and accidents change quality of life. Recovery is all about regaining quality of life. Our ability to regain our quality of life is dependent on the quality of medical care that we receive and our ability and desire to recover. Ability and desire to recover are under our control, for the most part, the quality of medical care that we receive is in the hands of those that we choose to give us care.

In the past, we didn’t have the ability to choose our care givers with any level of authority because of the lack of information that was available. We depended on the recommendations of friend, relatives and other care givers. With the introduction and expansion of the Internet our ability to make informed decisions about the quality of our health care has changed. We can now check a doctors standing with the American Medical Association, we can check on this level of education, we can check on their disciplinary records.

The medical field is changing so fast that if our doctors are not pursuing their education on a continuing basis we are virtually guaranteed that they are working without all the information relative to our condition, and thus we are getting something less then the best medical care. In the past, the likelihood of our full recovery was left to the luck of the draw; if we got a knowledgeable doctor we recovered, if we didn’t we suffered and often died.

The burden thus falls to the patient to search for the best doctor and medical facility that is most qualified to provide the care that we need. Here are the steps that you should take in finding the best care for your needs.

1. Research your condition. This involves knowing what’s ailing you. Go to Google and search your condition with the proper medical terms, and gain a full understand of what you have. This will arm you so that you can ask intelligent questions.

2. Ask informed questions. What is your experience with my condition? How often have you preformed this operation? What level of research have you done on my condition? Have you written any papers or given any presentations on my condition? You might think these questions are threatening, but who do you want providing you care the expert or the practitioner? If you had a valuable antique car; who would you want to work on your car?

3. Locate the expert. Again on Google read what the expert has written on your condition and use this information to determine if your doctor is the best doctor for your recovery. If not, contact the expert and ask him or her to review your case. The expert isn’t going to be looking for business; they’ll give you a true assessment of your condition and advise you on how to proceed.

4. Control your destiny. If your local doctor objects to your proactive action you probably have the wrong doctor. It’s your life, it’s your body, and ultimately it is only you that will have to live with the consequences of your decisions. Everyone else will move on.

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