Five Tips to Buying Stair Treads Carpeting

iron stair parts plywood are those small little rugs that fit on each individual step of your stairs. They protect your hardwood from the traffic of your family, pets, and friends going up and down them. They also can prevent your family and friends from slipping and falling on bare wood steps. Here are some tips to help you in your purchasing decision and to help you think about what you might need in your home.

Tip #1: Choose a material that is attractive and goes with the decor of your home. Stair treads carpets will be completely visible to the eye as it travels up the stair case, so you want to be sure they don’t clash with your paint or wallpaper.

Tip #2: Carpet durability. When choosing carpets, the first thing you should thing you should thing about if you stairs are a high traffic area is durability. The first thing to consider when purchasing for durability is the kind of fiber the carpets are made of. Durability is measured from one to five in carpets, with five being the most durable. Typically, most homes will be perfectly suited to a 2.5, but if your steps receive more traffic than usual, you might want to consider a 3 of even 4 on the durability scale.

Tip #3: Secure Backing. Be sure to verify that the stair treads carpeting you purchase somehow adhere to the step securely. If there is nothing on the back that will securely stick the carpet to the step, then consider adding double sided tape in wide strips to the back to prevent the rug from sliding off the step and causing an unnecessary hazard in your home.

Tip #4: Visual Appeal. When installing these small rugs, you can’t just slap them down on the steps and expect them to look nice and visually appealing in your home as they could end up off center. You are going to have to take a little bit of time and measure out exactly where you want your carpets to be placed on your staircase. This doesn’t have to be complicated. Just measure the step and find the midpoint and mark the center of the step with a grease pencil so you can remove the mark easily. Then, measure the small carpet and find the middle and mark it with a piece of tape that is easily removable. Lastly, just go up the stairs, matching the middle of the carpet to the middle of the stair tread, removing the grease mark and tape as you do. There you go and they should be perfectly positioned and symmetrical!

Tip #5: Can Be Outdoors Too. When considering the safety of your family and friends, don’t forget to protect them from slippery steps outside, too. Wind, rain, pooling water, and snow can all leads to nasty falls and sprained ankles. Outdoor stair treads need to be of a durable rubber based material and, just like indoor stair treads, should be secured to the steps in some way. Nowadays, you aren’t stuck with utilitarian and boring black rubber for these products. More and more home stores are offering outdoor options that are not only functional, but fashionable.

And there you have it, five tips to help you in choosing stair treads carpets for you home. These same tips can be used if you need to add them at your office or place of business, too!

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