Five Mistakes Men Make When Making Love That Kills Desire and Results in a Lot Less Sex

Most men make 4 mistakes when making love. Remove all these mistakes and you will become a better lover. The result will be that your lady will want a lot more sex.

Mistake #1: You start sex the same boring way just about all the time. Try starting sex during the day and not just in the bedroom. Kitchen sex can be highly erotic as you can use food to enhance kissing and licking.

Mistake #2: You focus on the orgasm and not on foreplay. Women need time to warm up like a big pot on the stove. If you make the same moves in the same order each time you make love, the end result will be boring renamon sex doll and faking orgasms. How about kissing all her toes and fingers. The backside is another area many men do not kiss.

Mistake #3: You do not let her make moves on you. Many men want to be in control all the time. Ask her to tie you up and let her do what she wants with you.

Mistake #4: You go straight to sleep after orgasm. Just make sure you give her a hug after you come. No woman wants to feel used like a sex doll.

Mistake #5. You do not act like a man in bed. One way to get in a more masculine energy which really turns on woman is to use dirty talking. This allows you to be bad and naughty. You will be surprised how effective this is in turning on any woman.


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