Find Pretty Russian Women Without Paying Expensive Agency Fees!

If you have been using agencies to find pretty Russian women who are interested in romance and even marriage, you are likely to be disillusioned at this point. Many agencies make big claims of finding the perfect woman for every man and require up front fees that are just as big. You have to pay this money before you know anything about the women who have joined the agency, and you do not get a penny back if the grand claims are not lived up to in the end. Many men all but give up on finding pretty Russian women after using such agencies, but don’t allow yourself to become one of them!

There are ways to meet the Russian woman of your dreams, and it isn’t a blind process that takes your money for nothing. Internet based Russian dating agencies can deliver the big claims that those agencies make, but they allow you to see what you are paying before ahead of time, and the fees are not unreasonably high.

Free Trials

Many Russian dating websites will allow you to sign up for a free trial membership, which allows you to browse through the profiles of women registered at the site before you decide whether to buy a membership or not. You will not be allowed to actually communicate with the women while under this free membership, but it is designed to give you an idea of the type of women you could meet if you decide to go for a paid membership. This is a huge step up from agencies that require you to take a blind leap of faith and pay before you know anything about the women available in the agency.

If you see someone that you are interested in, it’s simply a matter of picking another membership type and taking your account to the next level. You will then have full access of the dating site and meeting pretty will be at your fingertips instantaneously!


While expensive agencies often pick out select women that they think are matches for you, you will have more control over the women you contact with internet Russian dating services. You can browse through the profiles and even search them according to particular criteria such as age. Profiles will also include photographs which will help you determine which of the women appeal to you more on the most instinctual level.

Since these sites also give the women more control over who they talk with and how far they take a relationship, you will generally have a much larger selection of registered users at these sites. Meeting the right Russian girl is greatly increased with a larger dating pool.


If you do take advantage of the free trial period and decide that you want to join a particular site, you will find a lot of features that make communications with pretty Russian women a lot easier than through typical agencies. For example, many sites have their own email systems where you can keep your communications with potential love interests separate from your own email addresses already established. Some will even allow you to send cards and pictures through these email accounts so you can get closer to those women that really strike you as special.

Meeting pretty Russian women is relatively easy when you find the right internet connection. Do not allow expensive agency fees to sway your commitment to finding a beautiful Russian bride!


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