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There are other “major league” players that could increase your penetration as well as a few niche players for smaller companies. But remember, some big companies see opportunity in smaller niche markets as well. Once upon a time the personal computer was a tiny niche market until “Big Blue” IBM stepped in with the PC and the world as we know it changed forever. So don’t ignore niche markets, even if you are a large company. Let’s look at some of these players.

Yahoo Search Marketing

Few know that PPC was actually introduced by GoTo.com in the late 1990’s. GoTo later became Overture and now Yahoo has bought it. Some experts say that if you combine a Google AdWords campaign with a Yahoo Search Marketing campaign you’ll reach over ninety percent of the market. Yahoo offers a few “bells and whistles” that differentiate it from AdWords. First, Yahoo’s main offering — Sponsored Search — has a Local Search option. This allows business locations without web design company toronto to advertise on the Internet. And lest we forget, some experts tell us that the vast majority of Internet searches are local. The biggest difference between Yahoo and Google is found in the bidding process. With Google you don’t know whom you’re competing with for the use of a keyword. With Yahoo you do. They also have a “penny over” system in the bidding process so your actual bid will always be a penny over your nearest competitor even if your entered bid is much higher. Most experts agree that this leads to Yahoo Search being cheaper than AdWords.


This is a niche player aimed at small businesses that just simply can’t afford to make use of the major players. So why should a big company care? Generally speaking, small businesses are more likely to be in emerging technology fields or in heretofore untapped niche markets. New technologies can lead to explosive growth and many niche markets cease to be niche markets once word gets out to the larger market about a unique product offering created to serve the needs of the niche.

Microsoft AdCenter

Right now Microsoft AdCenter is a tiny player in the game, lagging so far behind Google and Yahoo that they should really be embarrassed. However, watch out because there may be something going on here. First, Microsoft recently entered into a Search sharing agreement with Yahoo which could have an impact. But there’s something else afoot here that few people are watching: Bing. Microsoft’s new search offering — mysteriously named “BING” — is making some noise. Three months after its inception, Bing has gained market share at the expense of Google each month. Granted, the increases are small but it’s a trend worth watching. If one assumes Bing is being used by those dissatisfied with Google, a new market for PPC may be just on the horizon. This alone makes Microsoft AdCenter worth another look if you’re serious about expanding your PPC campaign.

There are other players out there you might want to look into, like Miva, Findology, and ABCSearch. If you’re happy with AdWords and have no interest in expanding your PPC efforts into other Search Engines, consider this. Not too long ago, Yahoo was the Google of its day, and where are they now? If it happened to them, it can happen to Google. Good luck with your PPC campaigns!


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