Can You Create Without Destroying – Do You Have to Be a Destroyer to Be a Creator?


Have you ever considered that when you create something, you are in a way destroying or converting something else? In other words, what would you say to the debate, if I said; you cannot create something without destroying something else, or modifying, changing, or converting something else. Thus, anytime you set out to “do” anything, you need to consider all the opposite and equal reactions, and really this is all philosophy upon the laws of physics isn’t it?

Well, it is pretty hard to create without destroying. If you have a blank sheet of paper and you are going to produce art, you have to use a writing utensil and it is being used up, the paper is no longer pure, it now has someone on it. If you create music, you are destroying the silence, or putting sound waves over other waves and frequencies. If you build a house, you destroy trees. If you build a ship you destroy the land above the buried iron ore. If you create energy, you are burning something or converting it from something else, destroying that something else.

If you have a big bang you ship to destroy a once infinitely dense particle and converted it. So, philosophically it is an interesting point yes? Think to yourself, what have you created lately, what have you done today, this week, this month, and what is your claim to fame, what have you created, and then think to yourself – what have you inevitably destroyed in the process. It kind of makes you humble when you attempt to take credit for all your so-called creations doesn’t it?

Sure it does, but I’d like you to stop and think about this and consider throughout the week, and then you will begin to see the world in a slightly different way; Think!


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