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CNBC Fast Money is a US financial investing TV program that began on June 21, 2006. Initially aired as a week-end feature, then became a nightly series two years later. This program is now aired during week nights live at the NASDAQ Market Site in New York City. Originally, the program was aired live. However, it is now recorded earlier but on the same day. Why it was born?

With the high ratings of Mad Money, bobby kotick Fast Money was seen as a replication of the success of a TV program featuring financial analysis. The whole program was created by Susan Krakow the Vice President of Strategic Programming and Development together with executive producer Dan Hoffman and some members of the original team who created Mad Money. Who hosts the show?

CNBC Fast Money is now hosted by Melissa Lee with three experienced stock traders and financial analysts in Wall Street. They are Pete Najarian, Guy Adami and Jeff Macke. They discuss on air the numerous strategies to be lucrative in stock investment. More often than not, they also argue on the merits of a particular movement on the stock. Tim Strazzini is one of the original members of the panel but when he left the show in 2007, he was replaced by Narajian. What are the issues discussed on this financial TV program?

CNBC Fast Money is renowned to discuss complicated financial theories such as effective stock trading, financial analysis, stock viability and many more. With the teeming financial environment, CNBC has concluded that it will do good to expand its programming and make efforts in doing beyond their present informational format. What is the future of the program?

While this TV program is doing well, CNBC primetime had some real challenges. Previous prime time offerings including re-debut of Late Night with Conan O’Brien, the network had cascaded without a solid offering for primetime. However, there are still viewers who speculate that this program, along with other financial oriented show will continue to do well.

CNBC Fast Money provides the network the chance to try new programming strategy to redirect the stock traders instead of buying and holding their audience. A fine comparison with FM and MM is the idea of being rich instantly. These programs are trying to offer their viewers with strategies in stock trading and analysis that promises to generate cash within a limited period of time.

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