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salt lick for horse

We all need salt, and we get it from many sources; our food, sea food, and “table salt”. We are told that sea salt and table salt have the same nutritional value. So what is the difference, and does it matter?

The real differences between sea salt and table salt are in their taste and texture.

Sea salt is harvested from seawater through evaporation. Table salt is harvested from mineral deposits. Unfortunately, both types of salt can be refined, resulting in pure sodium chloride.

Table salt is a fine-grained salt lick for horse that can contain added iodine which is necessary for normal thyroid function, and can also contain anti-caking ingredients. It may have been harvested mechanically from with bulldozers and bagged or piped into transport containers, and they processed to remove contaminates. Unfortunately this process may also remove nutrients beneficial to us.

Sea salt is available in packets, or grinders, coarse or fine ground, bleached, or unprocessed. Some people prefer sea salt to table salt because they claim it has a more subtle flavor, and some people use sea salt because they believe it has more minerals…and it may do, if it hasn’t been bleached, or had minerals removed to make more profit in other areas.

Natural Salt is an essential element in the diet of not only humans but of animals, and animals will travel to use their “salt lick”.

The use of natural salt is as old as human history. Natural Salt is one of the most effective and most widely used of all food seasonings and natural preservatives.

Natural salt is a source of 21 essential and 30 accessory minerals that are essential to our health.

Natural gray sea salts of which Celtic Sea Salts are one, have been harvested by natural means, and claims to be unprocessed. This soft grey salt contributes both flavor and nutrients to the food we use, replenishing and helping to balance our electrolyte system. The 82 vital trace minerals give all our systems the minerals they need for optimal function.

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