10 Tips for a Perfect Birthday Speech

Birthday celebrations often call for a birthday speech. It’s a moment when everyone around expects to hear a nice and well crafted speech. Often small mistakes ruin not only the speech but also the mood of the celebration.

Here are some things to keep in mind when you are about to deliver your birthday speech.

1. Your birthday speech should be clear, upbeat, optimistic and easily understandable by everyone around.

2. Don’t mention age of the celebrant in your cakes hbd speech unless it’s a special milestone birthday like 21st or 50th. Some people like to celebrate every birthday but don’t like to disclose their real age.

3. Don’t say something that might embarrass the celebrant or the guests. The celebrant might not like the guests to know that he/ she has a snoring or a drinking problem. So be careful not to raise such issues in your speech.

4. Never tell a harsh and rude story of the celebrant. Birthdays are usually family events and the senior family members might not like whatever about the birthday boy or girl.

5. Refrain yourself from talking about sad moments or events. Birthdays are special celebrations of fun and joy and the mention of a sad moment will most likely kill the merriment. However there may be exceptions, but unless you are totally sure it’s always better to avoid anything that might awaken sad memories.

6. Don’t try to be too funny. Comedians are professionally skilled persons possessing excellent training and timing. Most of us are unable to write and deliver witty speeches. It’s always better to be light-hearted and genuine rather than trying to be a jester and spoil the fun.

7. Make sure that your birthday speech does not offend anyone. Some things might seem obvious like friends flocking in only for a free drink or something but you should never ever insult any of the guests.

8. Never talk about deceased family members or friends unless the guest of honor does so or it is appropriate to say that the departed is surely there in spirit. Sometimes the bereavement is still fresh and it is always better to avoid saying such things than mentioning it and upsetting everyone at the party.

9. Never call the celebrant by his/ her pet name. A husband might not like all his office colleagues to know what he calls his wife by. Or a teenager might be thoroughly embarrassed to be called a mama’s boy. It’s okay of course to call him Jeff instead of Jefferson.

10. Avoid writing reams. The birthday guests are there to party, not to listen to you half-an-hour long speech. It would bore the hell out of them. A three to five minute speech is good enough.


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